Sagesse VS Riyadi final result: Lebanon lost!

03 Jun. 2016- Today is a black day in the history of Lebanese basketball, our national team lost against Jordan after overtime to score the worst result ever for Lebanon in WABA, failed to reach the challenge cup and the final series was interrupted by the supporters in game 5.

Yes! Lebanon is out of the challenge cup due to lack of responsibility, due to the unorganized calendar. The federation decided to give Riyadi VS Sagesse final series the priority and left our national team struggling in Jordan.

Well, the decision of the federation didn’t saw that much of objection from the community. Everybody was taken by the great final, Riyadi VS Sagesse and forgot the head to head history of these 2 teams. 4 games of the series were played and game by game the tension between the teams was growing and resulted what we saw tonight!

We will not get into the details of the fights, who’s the responsible and who should be penalized. Instead, we will spot on the big loss and we are not talking about the league finals being ruined, no! We are talking about the image of our country, the image of our national team that was distorted for an uncompleted final, for supporters who doesn’t deserve it (we are talking about Sagesse & Riyadi supporters).

The federation, Sagesse & Riyadi management and supporters did a big crime today! The crime of letting a whole country down. Lebanon was struggling in Jordan with players doing their best to raise the Lebanese flag, while in the final series, people were ruing the game!

We would like to thank the Lebanese Basketball delegation that represented our country in WABA.”