Sabah Khoury’s Message To The Sagesse Faithful

14 Mar.2017– Things are not going well inside the green castle and some people are calling for actions. With the recent Bacho demands for coach Abou Chacra’s resignation, the green public has been split. To stand next to the team and his coach or stop attending the games until Bacho’s demands are met.

Nonetheless, former Sagesse Captain and Legend Sabah Khoury was clear and asked the Sagesse faithful the following:

“As a player who sacrificed a lot with this club and I know what true sacrifices mean…This is not how coach Fouad should be treated or talked about…Don’t forget all the problems this club has been going thru the last few years…He sacrificed a lot to help the club succeed and be on top starting from basketball to many other things(Career-time-money…) I urge all Sagesse family to always stay united behind the team and the club no matter what…As I said before Sagesse is not about one year or one season…It is way bigger than that and will always be…Stay together and united for the green castle…love you 💚💚💚 #Sagesse

Although Sabah’s exit was not one to be proud of, nor was it one suitable for a player who has given so much to the team but he stood next to Sagesse when they needed him the most. Classy act from Sabah that shows us what true sportsmanship and loyalty really mean.