Ryan Khoury – The Wolf Leading the Pack

14 Mar. 2017 – Ryan Khoury, 12 years old, is a Lebanese boxer who trains on a daily basis hoping to reach his dream.

In a matter of a few years, Ryan has already achieved more than regular people will in a lifetime. In fact, his dedication and hard work have proven to be very efficient. National champion, and gold medalist in competitions in Tunisia, Thailand, Jordan, Algeria and Iraq, this boy seems unstoppable. Nothing is too hard for him as he is constantly competing with bigger, heavier and older kids since there is no one in his age and weight category. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for Ryan who is a real prodigy in boxing.

This sport seems to be a family affair. In fact, his whole family is into boxing, most notably his father Tony Khoury and his uncle, Charbel Khoury. They train him on a daily basis, and on the days when he doesn’t have school, he trains twice. He first started doing sports when he first started walking. It began as a joke as his parents were joking around at home and taught him how to squat.

Ryan is acquiring a wide experience at a very young in order to achieve his biggest dream: Being crowned world champion.
The likes of Ryan Khoury are our pride and our hope for a better future for sports in Lebanon!