Riyadi to Compete in Asia without Ismail Ahmad

19 Aug. 2016 – Between the 8th and 16th of October, Riyadi’s basketball team will be travelling to Hunan, China to compete in Asia where teams from Iran, the Philippines and China will be fighting for the title. However, Ismail Ahmad won’t be present as only 2 imports are allowed with each team.

Riyadi’s line-up is the following: Wael Arakji, Joey Zalloum, Amir Saoud, Jean Abdel Nour, Ali Haidar, Roy Samaha, Fadi El Khatib with the two imports Jahmar Young and Alade Aminu.

The team will come back from China to compete in the Houssam El Din Hariri Tournament on the 24th of the same month.


-article by Ghina Chehwan.