Results of the challenging Antonins University Cross Country Race!

04 Mar. 2016 – The Sports department at Antonins University Baabda organized a cross-country race entitled “Go Green”, in the presence of Zeina MINA the head of the department and Antonio SAWTO the director of sports at the University.

The Cross Country was supervised by the Lebanese University Federation and by the Lebanese Athletics Federation in collaboration with “Terre Liban”.

About 70 athletes from different Universities in Lebanon took part in this cross country race. The results were classified into categories: 7km and 5km (men) 5km and 3km (women) for athletes affiliated to clubs and athletes representing their universities.

At our surprise, Elias ABOU RACHID, the Lebanese Mountain Bike and Road Bike champion, was able to win the 7km race! The engineer at the Lebanese University crossed the finish line in 26 minutes! His great physical condition allowed him to overcome his opponents and win the challenge.

Saleh EL HAJJ from the ISF was the first man among the University and Clubs categories to cross the finish line! Samir TAWIL from the Military school came in first place. Finally, Kassem JABER from the ISF came first in the 5km in the clubs category.

In the women’s category, Sandy KARAM, the National record holder of the race walking events, came in first place overall and in the Universities representing NDU. Lody YAACOUB from the ISF came in first place in the clubs category.

Marina FENIANOS who represented AUB finished first in the 3km race while Rima AL RIFAI from the Elite Club also won her category!

According to Sandy KARAM, “the track was one of the most competitive and peaceful ones. [It is a] very hard course but awesomely challenging! I personally enjoyed every bit of the race.”

She also said that “the runners participating were really friendly too. They were all prepared and giving their best!” We should always remember that competition is not always about winning medal, it is also about new friendships that are born on the track!

> Results:

Men Universities 7km:

  1. Elias Abou Rachid (UL)
  2. Abdallah Moustapha (Military School)
  3. Karim Ramadan (LAU)

Men Clubs 7km:

  1. Salah El Hajj (ISF)
  2. Youssef Maroun (Elite)

Men Universities 5km:

  1. Samir Tawil (Military School)
  2. Wael Bou Kheir (Military School)
  3. Peter Jeajea (Military School)

Men Clubs 5km:

  1. Kassem Jaber (ISF)
  2. Wissam Hadife (ISF)
  3. Samir Salman (Elite)

Women Universities 5km:

  1. Sandy Karam (NDU)
  2. Elianne Choueiri (AUB)
  3. Rim Halal (LAU)

Women Clubs 5km:

  1. Lody Yaacoub (ISF)
  2. Mona Fahes (ISF)
  3. Karine Jeara (Elite)

Women Universities 3km:

  1. Marina Fenianos (AUB)
  2. Nour Farhat (AUB)
  3. Sara Moufarrej (NDU)

Women Clubs 3km:

  1. Rima Al Rifai (Elite)
  2. Mira Habchi (ISF)
  3. Samah Bazoun (ISF)