The Reforestation Run by Ali WEHBI to raise awareness!

31 May 2016 – The Reforestation Run challenge of Ali WEHBI has come to an end after he has crossed 500km in all the Lebanese regions with an average of 70km a day!Ali-Wehbi-reforestation

WEHBI started his run in Becharri, in the North of Lebanon and finished in the South in Aitaroun. The challenge for Reforestation of Lebanon, who used to be called Switzerland of the East, started on May 21 and ended on the 27th.

Ali WEHBI ran for 7 days and planted 5000 trees in all over Lebanon with the cooperation of Jouzour Lebanon, an Association who supports the same cause. WEHBI also gave a speech in Schools and Universities on his way.

His target was not only to plant 5000 trees and to run on 7 days for 500km, Ali WEHBI’s aim is to create awareness in Lebanon and especially in schools and universities because they are the future of Lebanon. They will become the leaders and the people of tomorrow.

Ali was supported in his run by Alfa and Bank Med. Once again we realize the power of sports and how it can mobiles people towards a better world.

Ali WEHBI’s message for the young generation: “My advice is my motto in life: dream big have faith and believe everything is possible!”