Refereeing Sessions Organized by the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation

11 Jan. 2017 – The Lebanese Taekwondo Federation kicks off its activities for the year 2017 with two refereeing sessions. The first one is to train new upcoming referees and the second one is to improve and refine the previous ones.

In fact, the sessions aim at graduating a new generation of national taekwondo referees as well as improving national and international referees. The president of the International Referees Committee, Advisor Chakir Chelbat, will supervise both sessions. In addition, those who wish to apply for these sessions will sit two exams. The first one will be a written exam and the second one will be practical. The sessions will take place on Saturday 21st of January 2017 and Sunday 22nd of January 2017 in Mont La Salle – Ain Saade. Anyone can apply for these sessions provided that they are seniors (18 years old and above) and have the black belt.