Record Number of Athletes in the 6th USJ Interscholastic Games!

08 Feb. 2017 – The 6th Interscholastic USJ Games are set to start this week, with a record number of 2400 athletes participating from 60 different schools in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

From the 10th of February and until the 19th, the schools are set to compete in different sport competitions such as basketball, badminton, table tennis, futsal, volleyball, swimming, handball and cross country, as well as enjoy the exceptional atmosphere.

Going into the 6th year of organizing this event, the University of Saint Joseph’s message is clear:” Université Saint- Joseph seeks to revive sports competitions at schools believing in the ability and the power of this sector to develop sports on both universities and national levels.”

There are no doubts as to the fact that such tournaments give the young athletes a taste of how competing under fair play and sportsmanship rules is. It will also help them prepare for a professional career atmosphere, should they opt to pursue one.

Best of luck to all participating schools, the competition will surely be as exciting and amazing as the previous years if not more!

Here are the participants:

– Adma International School – Al Kawthar School – Amjad – Antonine International School Ajaltoun – Antonine Sister School – Ghazir – Carmel Saint Joseph – Collège Central Jounieh – Collège de la Sagesse Beyrouth – Collège des frères Maristes Champville – Collège des Frères Mont la Salle – Collège des Saints-Coeurs – Sioufi – Collège des Saints-Coeurs – Bauchrieh – Collège des Saints-Coeurs – Kfarhbab – Collège des Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs – Ain Najm – Collège des Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs – Hadat – Collège des Soeurs du Rosaire Montazah – Collège du Rosaire – Kornet El Hamra – Collège Elite – Collège Khaled Bin El Walid – Horj – Collège Louise Wegmann – Beyrouth – Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour – Collège Notre Dame de Lourdes (Maristes Byblos) – Collège Notre Dame des Soeurs Antonines-Hazmieh – Collège Notre Dame Louaizé – Collège Protestant Francais – Collège Saint-Antoine Hammana – Collège Saint Francois (Hamra) – Collège Sainte Famille Fanar – Collège Sainte Louise – Ajaltoun – Ecole des soeurs dela Charité Besancon Baabdath – Ecole Ste Rita – Dbayeh – Ecole Secondaire des filles de la charite – Ecole Val Père Jacques – Ecole Zahrat El-Ihsan – Eduvation School Network – El Hassan School – Lycée Abdel Kader – Lycee Arab de Beyrouth – Collège Saint Roch Kleiat – Lycée de Ville – Lycée Libano-Allemand Jounieh – Lycee Radoin Itawi – Lycée Nahr Ibrahim – Lycée Verdun – Lycée Saint-Elie Moderne (Dikwaneh) – Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours Furn El Chebbak – Sagesse Brasilia Saint-Jean – Saint Anne de Soeurs De Besancon (Beyrouth) – Sagesse High School – Saint-Elie Btina – Saint-Joseph School – Toulouse College – Atonine Roumieh – Palais de Culture Moderne – College D’Elysée