Rayane Moussallem: The story behind my documentary “But…There’s Hope”

“But…There’s Hope” is a documentary I made for my designated master’s thesis in “Information et Communication” major at Université Saint-Joseph (USJ). It didn’t take me too long to pick the topic as sports has been a childhood passion of mine and has subsequently played a major role in my life. Ever since I was a kid, I was rather intrigued by European football leagues, World Cups, Euros, Tennis tournaments, Olympic Games and many other events. I always wondered what it would be like to have a high quality sporting life in Lebanon.

I did have the chance to experience that during the Sagesse glory days under the guidance of the late Antoine Choueiri who took basketball to a whole new level especially when the Basketball National Team achieved great results in the Asia Cup and the FIBA World Cup. It made me realize how sports was the best way to unite the Lebanese people. Every single Lebanese citizen, regardless of their sect or background, would stand behind the team and support them as one nation.

When I used to watch tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games, it used to upset me that Lebanon wasn’t represented or that our athletes were underachieving due to the lack of interest and investment in sports.

My reasons for choosing this topic are many, and the ones mentioned above are just a few of many others that pushed me towards shedding the light on the issue. I thought it would be a chance to express what I’m feeling about the dire situation and level of sports in our country. I also highlighted on how politics and religious conflicts ruined what could have been an enormous potential hoping that one day we, the youth, will play the major role in taking it to the highest level.

Please find below my documentary, enjoy!

Article by:
Rayane Moussallem