Ray Bassil thank you for the excitement – 2016 Rio Olympic Games

07 Aug. 2016- We were all waiting, Ray Bassil to grab a medal in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The Lebanese shooting star secured 14th overall place in the Women’s trap and failed to qualify to the semifinals.

Ray’s 1st round was the best missing only 2 hits and scoring 23/25 hits to secure the 5th place. In the 2nd round, Ray could hit 22/25 hits and remain in the competition with only 2 hits away from the leaders and 1 hit behind the 3rd & 4th place. The last round was the worst for Ray, unfortunately, she missed 5 hits and scored a total of 65/75 hits.

BUT what Ray did was exceptional! Lebanese people went crazy on social media asking for a live stream link or a channel to watch Ray competing and witness history! They were excited following every single round of her competing, looking to support her to grab a medal for the country. Despite her result, seeing these people excited for a shooting competition was the success. Ray gave us the excitement that we are all looking and waiting for. It was an honor cheering for you, you’ll always make us proud champ.