Ray Bassil: She has all what it takes to win an Olympic gold!

12 Apr. 2016 – She is the best Lebanese shooter of all time, she never gave up on her dreams despite being a woman in a society that is not used to the idea of women playing “men sports” like shooting.

It is time for our Lebanese society to encourage women practicing any kind of sport because at the end of the day, when someone is sitting in his office or on her couch, a strong athlete out there is collecting gold medals and is dreaming of making Lebanese history!

Ray BASSIL is focused, determined and is surely very motivated. She will represent Lebanon at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games that will be held in Rio de Janeiro. The World Cup gold medalist has a very strong chance of winning the first ever Gold medal for Lebanon at the Olympic Games.

This will be her second consecutive Olympic participation at only 27-years-old! Her long and fruitful career is now at her peak after the world cup win that allowed her to qualify for Rio! She is undoubtedly the best chance of Lebanon to win an Olympic medal! She is now off to the Olympic test event in Rio de Janeiro!

Our Olympic history ended in 1980 when Hassan BECHARA won a Bronze medal in wrestling. Lebanon won four olympic medals: 1 silver and one bronze in 1952, one silver in weightlifting in 1972 and finally one bronze in 1980. The Lebanese War has a direct negative effect on our sports society. But it is now time that we pick up and win!

If we look at our olympic medal winners, they were all individuals who fought with the support of their family and friends to raise our flag high. No team sports has ever made it to the Olympics. We would like to call the sponsors who want to see Lebanon on top of the world, to start a move with those individuals who are representing our beloved country in Rio de Janeiro.

“Learning to be thankful and regularly expressing gratitude is an important part of being happy. Being thankful gives us an appreciate for what we have. Even when you don’t feel like you have much to be thankful for, realize that there’s someone, so many people out there in this world who would look at your life and trade places with you in a heartbeat!!” Posted  Ray BASSIL on her Facebook account.

We are proud of you Ray, and we believe in you! We wish you the best in your preparation for Rio hoping that you will achieve history at the 31st Summer Olympic Games!