Ray Bassil Finishes 2nd at 2017 Cyprus World Cup

05 May. 2017- As we’ve always been used to her, Ray Bassil makes a nation proud again by grabbing a silver medal at the World Cup held in Larnaca, Cyprus.

In the first round, she missed a single shot, missing none in her second. The third round for her was just like the first one as she just missed one target. The fourth round is where everything went wrong as Ray missed 4 shots to then miss 2 last targets in her fifth and final round. With a total of 42 points, Ray was just 3 points away from the gold. What is worthy of mention, however, is that she was 9 points away from the third place finisher.

The Lebanese shooter participated in the trap category with fellow compatriots. Mr. Pierre Jalkh presided the delegation that included Ray Bassil, Alain Moussa, Jad Hamade, Walid Najjar and Wael Rahbani.
Besides these shooters participating in trap, Samer Sarkis and Alain Samaha accompanied the delegation but participated in the Skeet category.

Congratulations Ray, the best is undoubtedly yet to come.