Rawad HATOUM won the 24th ATCL 4×4 Criterium

13 Oct. 2015 – Rawad HATOUM won the 24th 4×4 Criterium organized by ATCL, a race that is considered as the second round of the Lebanese 4×4 championship.

The race took place in Oyoun El Siman, Kfardebian, with the participation of nine drivers. The competition consists of three attempts on the up-hill, the driver with the fastest time overall wins the race. The ATVs also took part in this challenge.

In the first attempt, Ismail AL MASRI scored 5:11.71, after him came Georges ZIADE in 5:12.76. On their second attempt, Wissam SALIBA clocked a faster time of 5:09.36 after him came Rawad HATOUM with 5:09.68! Only 0.3 seconds away from Wissam.

But in the third attempt, Rawad clocked the fastest time of 5:06.01, Wissam SALIBA couldn’t overtake him with his amazing 5:07.35. A great challenge between the two drivers that ended in Rawad’s favor.

At the end of the awards ceremony, Sleiman KHATTAR received the trophy of the Veteran Driver.

The third and last round of the Lebanese 4×4 Championship will be held on Sunday 8th November 2015.

Overall results:

  1. Rawad Hatoum (Cherokee Jeep): 5:06.01
  2. Wissam Saliba (Cherokee Jeep): 5:07.35
  3. Georges Ziade (Cherokee Jeep): 5:11.51
  4. Ismail El Masri (Cherokee Jeep): 5:11.71
  5. Camil Tannouri (Cherokee Jeep): 5:12.51
  6. Marc Chediak (Cherokee Jeep): 5:15.37
  7. Sleiman Khattar (Mercedes Benz 230 CE): 6:39.57

In the ATV category:

  1. Lauren Dagher: 4:45.66
  2. Pierre Rizk: 4:55.20
  3. Georges Hokayem: 5:05.70
  4. Johnny Chalhoub: 5:34.82