Qualification Procedure for the International Ski Championships

05 Jan. 2017 – The Lebanese Ski Federation set new procedure of qualification to be part of the National team in the 2017 season.

World FIS Championship in Saint Moritz: Eight Lebanese skiers will be selected according to the 2015 and 2016 results; the first four athletes in the Men and Women categories will book their places on the National team.

Asian Winter Games in Apline Skiing: Four skiers will be selected; the fifth man and woman in the 2015-2016 season and the 6th man and woman but the last 2 will bear the expenses of their trip with the support of the federation. One snowboarder and one cross country skier will also be part of the team.

World Youth FIS Championship 2017 in Sweden: Eight athletes will be part of the team. All the members shall bear the expenses of the flight. The players who were ranked 7th during the 2015-2016 Senior Championship, and the players who won the Lebanese CH2 Championship in 2016 and who will move to the Youth Category. Finally, the federation will organize this month two championships (SES and Mexican championship); the four players who will clinch a podium finish in these competitions will be selected on the team on one condition: Not being selected for any official competition in 2017.

Qualifying for the Winter Olympic Games 2018: Each skier must collect a number of points set by the International Ski Federation either in the Slalom or Giant Slalom and must be the best in the 2017 Lebanese championship (The player should at least finish on the podium). If no one is able to qualify, then the federation selects the top ranked athlete who figured on the podium of the Lebanese Championship 2017.

Andora Delegation: The federation will select the players according to the age category results of the 2016 season.

Lebanese Ski Championship 2017: All the competitions organized by the federation in 2017 will be part of the pointing system for the Lebanese Championship 2017.

Players Signing: Every club can register 6 players, men and women, in the International Federation and the fees will be payed by the federation. However, if the club wants to register additional players, they will have to pay for every additional player 33 Swiss Franc.