Pistol Shooting Championship Organized by Eagle Club!

27 Dec. 2015 – Eagle Club Lebanon organized the third pistol shooting championship for military teams, on the occasion of Christmas and the birth of the Prophet. The competition was taking place at the Eagle club’s shooting field in Camille Chamoun Sports City, and the military branches participating were the ISF, Lebanese army, state security and public security.

The results came as following:

25 meters Women:
01. Liliane Dakmak
02. Khouloud Hijazi

15 meters Women:
01. Rose Ohanissian
02. Khouloud Chouhaimi
03. Soha Hamad

25 meters Men:
01. Abdel Karim Hachem
02. Ayyoub Zgheib
03. Haytham Abou Chacra

15 meters Men (Free):
01. Ali Moussa
02. Ramy Abi Saleh
03. Ali Awada

15 meters Men (Free with one hand):
01. Elias Hanna
02. Mohamed El Arab
03. Rawad Al Ahmadieh

Teams Rankings:

25 meters: 
01. Lebanese Army
02. ISF
03. State Security

15 meters (Free):
01. ISF
02. Lebanese Army
03. State Security

15 meters (with one hand):
01. Lebanese Army
02. ISF
03. State Security