Physical Education is now available at Central College Jounieh

01 Jul. 2015 – A new specialization is now added to the technical program of the Central College in Jounieh and it’s the Physical Education!

Any student who has successfully passed his Brevet and who is passionate about sports and wants to choose it as a path and to specialize in sports; become a personal trainer or a coach, or even a physiotherapist or nutritionist, can subscribe at the school department knowing that the classes of 2015 and 2016 will start in October 5.

This new initiative will allow the students who have already chosen to do a carrier in sports not to waste any time and start right after the brevet. The student can continue later on his studies in University.

With the Physical Education Program, the technical specializations at the Central College now include: Physical Education, Graphic Design and Advertising, Accounting, IT, Nursing education, Distance Science and hotel management.

For more info please contact: 1526 extension 153 or 154.