Phoenix 2 Was a World Class Event – Results

30 Apr. 2017 – Phoenix 2 took place on Saturday the 29th of April at the Nohad Nawfal Stadium. Saying that the event was a success would be an understatement as words can’t do this event justice.

Thousands and thousands of fans sat in the stadium for more than 6 hours, screaming their lungs out in cheer for the state-of-the-art fighting championship that was taking place in front of their eyes. This was an unprecedented event in the world of fighting and especially in the world of Muay Thai.

Anyone who watched it, whether from the arena or on TV, would agree that Phoenix Fighting Championship is head and shoulder above the rest when it comes to organizing unique events. Vice President of the International Muay Thai Federation said that Chahe Yerevanian is undoubtedly on the right path to becoming among the greats in the Middle East and the world.

In front of the bewildered eyes of the world, the international athletes took on each other and the results of Phoenix 2 came as follows:

  • 64.8 kg: Saenchai defeated Azize Hlali by decision so he won the Phoenix World Championship.
  • 67 kg: Musipon Pakorn won over Morgan Adrar. He retained his WMC World Championship title and won the Phoenix World Championship title.
  • 70.2 kg: Xie Wei overcame Armen Grigoryan, claiming the WMC Intercontinental title.
  • 76 kg: Ahmed Labban won over Ahmed Ibrahim by KO in the first round.
  • 76.5: David Wellmot overcame Mohamed Ghorabi by KO in the first round.
  • 79 kg: Ziad Sinno won over Mohanad Hussein by unanimous decision.
  • 82 kg: Kassem Daher defeated Mohamed Salama by split decision and thus won the WMC Midle East title.
  • + 95 kg: Ali Garcia won over Jihad Al Mekdad as the latter withdrew in the third round.
  • + 95 kg: Steven Banks won against Wendell Roche by KO.
  • Women: Antonina Shevchenko won over Isa Keskikangas thus winning the WMC World Championship and the Phoenix Wolrd Championship titles.