Patrick HANNA sets a new Indoor Juniors Canadian Record in Triple Jump!

06 Dec. 2015 – Patrick HANNA, 19, just broke the Canadian Indoor Juniors record in Triple Jump at the International Youth Meet of Champions in Toronto, by jumping 15.78 meters!

Patrick won the best Juniors Athlete Award in Canada for the past season. He competed for Canada at the Pan American Juniors Championship in summer 2015, so now he can’t compete for Lebanon unless the two federations make an agreement or else he should wait 3 years without competitions to compete again for Lebanon.

Next year he will move to the Seniors category. He jumped 15.78m at his last attempt after fouling the five previous attempts!! His best outdoor performance was 15.55m (wind aided)! It is also the first time he jumped over 15m in indoor triple jump.

Patrick is studying Medicine at University of Montreal and is able to manage his time between studying and training.

“I train every day when I finish college. I try to study before and after training. It is not easy but I am passionate about both Medicine and sport and I do my best to excel in both,” said Patrick.

Patrick is really an example of how athletes should manage their time between studying and training. We wish him the best of luck in his Seniors category! After breaking the 14m barrier, now we are waiting for him to go beyond 16 meters!