Pan Armenian 6th Summer Games – Day 3 results

06 Aug. 2015- The Lebanese Armenian athletes completed their 3rd day at the Pan Armenian 6th Summer Games and the results came as following:

Table Tennis

Beirut (WOMEN) 2-3  Moscow
Bourj Hammoud (Men) 0-3  Moscow
Bourj Hammoud (Men)   3-1  Antelias
Bourj Hammoud (Men)   3-2   Tibiliz
Antelias (Men)  3-0  Armenia

Basketball (Men)

Sfahan 52-67 Bourj Hammoud
Antelias 71-59 Vienna

Basketball (Women)

Anjar 14-102 LA
Sfahan 64-74 Antelias

Tilijian 1-7Bourj Hammoud
Anjar 2-5 Parnawl
Gumri 6-2 Antelias