Open Green Hill Judo Championship: Much Emotions and a Haddad Domination

17 May. 2017 – On Sunday the 14th of May, Bouddha Club hosted one of the most impressive judo events to ever take place in Lebanon: The Open Green Hill Judo Championship.

The competition took place under the auspices of National Olympic Committee President Mr. Jean Hammam, and under the supervision of Lebanese Judo Federation presided by Mr. Francois Saade. There were only two categories: -75 kg and +75 kg. Around 25 clubs from all over Lebanon took part in the event that was a success to say the least.

The +75 category saw Bouddha Club dominate as Jad Fadel and Dominique Matar grabbed the gold and silver medals respectively. Hanna Touma came in third from Boshido Club as Steven Azar (Bouddha), Rabih Bader (Bouddha), Pierre Abou Jaoude (MLS) and Elie El Chaer (Bouddha) came in 5th.

The -75 category was filled with emotions and saw the Haddad Brothers dominate. After fighting tooth and nail against their opponents, Joe Haddad and Elias Haddad met in the final. This showed how dedicated and hard working these two boys are as they were able to overshadow anyone who stood in their way. Saying that the final game was an emotional one would be an understatement. The elder brother, Elias, ended up with the title as Joe settled for silver.
Green Hill Judo Championship

The full results of the -75 category are the following:

1) Elias Haddad (Boud)
2) Joe Haddad (Boud)
3) Michel Al Souri (Lar)
3) Habib Gerges (Boud)
5) Rachad Alainati (Lar)
5) Max Kanaan (MLS)
5) Marc Kanaan (MLS)
5) Jeffrey Zalloum (Boud)