One Lebanon Mini Football Tournament 2016

12 Apr. 2016 – For third consecutive year, One Lebanon Mini football tournament has been organized by the Soprano Tania KAIS  in College Notre Dame de Jamhour, for the unique goal of unity in the World Sports Day!

One Lebanon team completed against a team formed by representatives from different embassies in Lebanon. The Lebanese team was formed by Michel Fadel, Tony About Jaoude, Marc Hatem, Nizar Francis, Walid Dimiaty, Fouad Zmokhol, Ahmad Modrak, Nadim Moujaes.

This event really points out the importance of sports in uniting people together which is the main target of One Lebanon. Sports is blind to the issues of religion, race and politics.

We should note the presence of Aron Winter, the famous football player who represented Netherlands in four World Cups! Winter is the official representative of “World Coaches” of KNVB.

One Lebanon team won over the embassies team in 5-4. Marc Hatem and Fouad Zmokhol scored two goals each for their team while Walid Dimiaty scored one goal to help his team win in 5 goals!

“I am so happy that I am part of this initiative that is happening for the third consecutive time! The organization gives the right image of Lebanon which we all want to see because we are part of this, united and living together!” Said the British representative Hugo Shorter.