Lebanese Football Olympic Team’s First Appearance and Coach Korsis’ comments

22 Sep.2016- The Lebanese Football Olympic Team played a friendly game against the Jordanian Team in Camil Chamoun Stadium. The game ended in a draw 0-0. According to the Serbian coach, Milik Korsis, the Lebanese National Team’s performance was good. He emphasized on the importance of this friendly game, considered as a first appearance to the team in front of the media and the audience. This game helps discover potential of the players during games and enhance national spirit.

Korsis added that the team is still developing and they have a lot of work ahead in order to reach a certain level.  He insisted that the players showed a lot of responsibility accomplishing their tasks in the game.

The Lebanese International referee Mohammad Darwich was the referee of the game with the assistance of 2 other referees Ali Moukalled and Salim Sarage, in addition to Hady Salameh who was the 4th referee.

The Lebanese Squad:  Mohammad Taha, Andrew Azzi, Mustapha Kassab, Marc Mhanna, Ali Bahr, Hussein Mounzer, Joseph Lahoud, Moussa Al Tawil, Hussein Sharafeddine, Jamal Khalifeh, Hassan Mhanna. (Bench: Mohammad Selman, Mohammad Nasreddine, Youssef el Hage, Alex Boutros).

The Jordanian Squad:  Raafat Al Rabih, Anis Farhat, Aouda Ramadan, Ahmad Tannoous, Noureddine Al Rawabida, Ahmad Al Mouharima, Said Al Rosn, Ihab Al Khawalida, Said Al Khazaali, Ward Al Beri, Moussa Sleiman.

The Lebanese Olympic team will play a friendly game against the Syrian Olympic National Team in November. The National Team will start training again in 2 weeks.