NxGn: Pick Number 9 In Our Shortlist- Lebanese Basketball

31 Mar.2017Emerging talents have a tough time finding their feet in a league where imports take the biggest part of the cake. With all the hurdles and difficulties, some of these upcoming players still find their way through hardwork, endurance and the will to succed.

The number 9 pick on our Top 10 U22 talents is noneother than Karl Assi born on January 2, 1998 . Some of you know him as the younger brother and teammate of John Assi, both part of the wolf pack led by Coach Ghassan Sarkis.Assi

His love for the game started at age 4 when he attended Sagesse’s training camps under coach Joe Mjaes. Assi was not the kid you can push around. His strong character and talent allowed him to play next to older kids as age didn’t matter for him.Assi


Few years later, Karl was seeking greener pastures as coach Sarkis Korjian attracted him to Kahraba Club. Coach Sako was the biggest motivator and always pushed Karl to give his best on court. He’s the reason Assi still balls today. Assi learned a lot about fundementals and how a PG should run the game while he was under Korjian. Sako treated him like a son and used to tell him:”You’re like Marc to me, the court is yours 24/7″. In the back of his mind Assi knew that even if Sako treated him harshly and screamed at him, it was in his best interest. Assi

Assi wore the Lebanese National Team colors at first for the U16. Although he was the youngest guy on that team, Assi never hesitated to prove himself and that he deserves to be selected as one of the best of his generation. His leadership on court allowed him to progress and then captained the U18 NT as the young PG was flourishing.


After his exceptional season that year with Kahraba in the second division, Assi caught the eyes of coach Ghassan Sarkis. Karl’s transition to Champville was hard. As a 17-year-old trying to find his way, Karl kept working hard as his dream of achieving glory never faded away. Karl is known for his great vision, ball-handling, and a great sense of feeling the court. He knows when to push and play the run and gun game as well as playing the slow tempo to kill off the game.


A bright future awaits you young man, keep hustling as all roads to success have to pass though hard work boulevard at some point.