Nourhane Al Couch Sets a New Record in High Jump

25 Sep. 2016- Lebanese young athlete Nourhane Al Couch (Ansar) set a new national  record for the youth category in high jump after jumping 1.55 meters in a meeting organized by Ansar club for this discipline only.

We should also note that this record is also a Midget record (for the younger category) due to the federation new rule which allow the bantam and midgets category (12-13 and 14-15) to set records until their day of birth instead of the year of birth.

Nourhane improved her own record by 1cm. She set it during the Lebanese Open Clubs Championship this year. Before her, the record was 1.53 meters shared by 3 athletes Jocelyne Gebara from Champville (set on 25-08-1994), Alik Tabakian from Homenetmen (set on 07-08-1994) and Sara Tabbara from Ansar (set in 2009).

This is Nourhane’s second record this year after setting a new youth record for the indoor high jump. Well done and congratulations Nourhane!