Ninar Al Kak to Play with Hoops in the Upcoming Season

22 Oct. 2016 – Ninar Al Kak just signed with Hoops for the upcoming season. The young player who usually plays in the 1 and 2 positions, studied in Haygazian University.

Her career didn’t start in Lebanon, but in Syria. She used to play with Al Jala’ Club, one of the best teams in Syria. She was discovered as a talented youth athlete and was selected on the national team.

when she came to Lebanon, she joined with Al Chabibeh Club and helped the team move from the third to the second division. She then signed with Antranik where she played for two seasons. This time she will defend the colors of Hoops.

Nina said in a previous interview that her passion for this particular sport was born with the support of her parents who always encourage her in every single participation.

We wish her and her new team the best in the upcoming season!