Neymar Jr’s Five Lebanon 2017: Here are the qualified teams!

02 May. 2017- Neymar Jr’s Five Lebanon 2017 qualifiers, organized by Red Bull Lebanon, kicked off last weekend in 3 different areas: Tripoli, Jounieh and Saida. The Beirut qualifiers are coming up next Saturday. 12 teams from these 3 cities made it to the national finals as the complete list of 16 teams will be announced right after Beirut qualifiers.


The qualified teams are:

    • Tripoli:

Special Players, 9596, Al Safa and Aouad

    • Jounieh:

Armos, B-city, Galacticos and Ahli Saida

    • Saida:

Frozen, Ahli Saida (2), Cherke Company and Bdeiralona