Nemanja Bjedov is out of Homenetmen – Lebanese Basketball

09 May. 2016- Nemanja Bjedov will not continue his journey with Homenetmen women’s team this season as he announced on his personal Instagram account. Homenetmen lost their first game against Riyadi in the league this season by only 2 points, showing a great ability to compete against the league leaders.

They also could defeat all the other competitor staying right after Riyadi in the standings until the second big clash, where Riyadi faced Homenetmen for the 2nd time. Homenetmen lost big time against Riyadi and failed to match up with the yellow team losing by 17 points.

We can also mention the big loss for Homenetmen against Riyadi in West Asian despite having a WNBA player in their squad.

All of these results might be the main reason of seeing coach Nemanja Bjedov out of Homenetmen.