NDU 6th School Sports Tournament Results

24 May 2016 – NDU’s 6th School Sports tournament organized by Georges NADER, with the support of Gaby ARIDE and Fouad KARMA in Barsa came to and end with the participation of more than 700 students!

The dean of the University, Father Samir GHSOUB attended the tournament as well.

The results came as following:

Men’s Basketball:

  1. College des Feres
  2. Raouda Al Fayha’

Women’s Basketball:

  1. Raouda Al Fayha’
  2. College des Feres

Men’s Volleyball:

  1. Balamand
  2. Dar El Nour

Women’s Volleyball:

  1. International School
  2. Dar El Nour

Men’s Futsal:

  1. Balamand
  2. Iman

Women’s Futsal:

  1. David Karam School
  2. Balamand

Men’s Table Tennis:

  1. Antony Radi (Dar El Nour)
  2. Oscar Radi (Dar El Nour)

Women’s Table Tennis:

  1. Christi Aridi (Dar El Nour)
  2. Minerva Abboud (Dar El Nour)