Mtein Women Volleyball Team Lastest Results at the Arab Championship

07 Dec. 2016 – Mtein Women’s Volleyball are representing Lebanon in Cairo, Egypt, at the Arab Women Volleyball tournament from the 2nd to the 12th of December 2016.

This is the first time Mtein Women’s team are competing abroad after winning the Lebanese title this season. The team started its preparation 2 months ago in Michel El Murr.

The team started the tournament with a loss against Algeria 3-0 but won their second match against Jordan 3-0. Our women are very motivated and will surely fight for other victories!

The head of the delegation is the treasurer of the Federation Clement Abou Akl, and the players are: Lara Bou Farhat (captain), Josiane Assaf, Ghada Nasr, Mira Adra, Reem Khoury, Simone Abou Jaoude, Angela Saad, Aline Mattar, Lara Al Jarrah, Aya Maria Mattar, Minerva Abboud and Cori Seif.

Our Lebanese team still has 4 games to go against 4 different Arab countries! We wish them the best!