Mouttahed Lost One of its Key Players – Lebanese Basketball

27 Apr. 2017- Mouttahed are currently leading their final 8 series against Louaize 2-1, they were able to dominate the last game of the series to overcome Louaize 71-56.

Today the team lost one of its key players Omar Ayoubi, who’s officially out of the club. Ayoubi was definitely a winning card in the hands of Abaz that he could need in their tough series. In an average of 13.8 minutes/game, Ayoubi was averaging 3.18 points/game, 2.18 rebounds/game and 0.77 assists.

Mouttahed will face Louaize this Saturday away from home at 5:00 P.M. Can they make it to the next round from game 4?