Moscow Games 2015: USEK teams results so far!

02 Sep. 2015- USEK teams participating in the 2015 Moscow Games scored good results so far, where the Basketball and volleyball teams had made it to the quarter finals.

Here are the results of USEK teams so far:

Basketball (Men):
USEK lost against Gos. UNPK in the first game by only 2 points 31-33 and won their second game against Mhoy 36-11. USEK have 90% chance to secure the 2nd place of the group and are expected to face the 3rd placed in group D to reach the quarter finals (in case of win).

Basketball (Women):
As for the women’s team, USEK dominated their group winning 2 out of 2 games. Our ladies defeated S.U.S.U 28-23 and MIET 51-8. Therefore, the ladies team is directly qualified to the quarter finals.

USEK’s volleyball men team secured the 2nd place of their group after winning 1 out of 2 games. USEK lost against Mhoy 0-2 and won 2-0 against MIET. The team will face the 3rd placed of pool C in the Round of 16.

Table Tennis:
Antoine Arida shines to win 3 out of 4 games in Pool B. Antoine lost to Maksim Khvostov A 1-3 and defeated FabioIvinic 3-0, Vaulin Aleksei 3-0 and Zolotov Sergey 3-0. Antoine is now sharing the first place with Maksim Khvostov (8 points for both).

On the other hand, Georges Wehbe lost all of his games in pool A.