Mo FARAH could have missed the Doha Diamond League!

15 May 2015 – Day 1 of the “Women and Sports Media Workshop” has come to an end. We were all heading to the Diamond League that is being held in Doha as well. I accidentally go to a wrong entrance where at my surprise I see the great Mo FARAH!

So I shout MO FARAH!! I am 2 meters away from him, he looks at me and he’s like “It’s not time for you now”. I figure that he is having troubles with the Qatar Security men who are not allowing him to enter the stadium! Mo was saying: “I have a race!”

I don’t believe what is happening! Mo FARAH is a double Olympic gold medalist in London 2012 and is one of the very well known athletes in the world!

He is fortunate that I am there! I speak to the security guy in Arabic saying: “He’s a World Champion you paid him a fortune to bring him here and you’re not letting him in??”

Another security guy ask Mo the most ridiculous question: “Are you an athlete?”

I reply shouting again in Arabic: “He’s a world and Olympic champion!!”

They finally understand after repeating myself many times. Mo enters the stadium. I tell his “Good luck Mo!”, this time he replied and thanked me.

It was such a funny experience, and a shame for the Qatari organization for not being able to recognize the Elite athletes knowing that their pictures and posters of them are all over the place!

FARAH finally entered the stadium with a mini-cooper and later on ran the 3000 meters, the last race of the Diamond League that everyone was waiting for to finally finish second in a race he’s not specialized in.

Finally I hope to see him again and at least take a photo with him or save him from another situation and be his Lebanese Hero!

Krystel Saneh