Micky Chebli, the Cyclist of Life completed his mission from Paris to Beirut!

02 Jul. 2016 – “I’m Coming Home” is the last article posted in the Cyclist of Life blog,Micky-Chebli the last post before the great achievement of Micky CHEBLI who completed 4000km of cycling from Paris to Beirut in 35 days!

The incredible adventurer, a father who wanted to be an example for his children and a Grand Father who wanted inspire a lot of people including his Grand children to become Cyclists of Life, Runner of Life, Athletes of Life…

Throughout his tough journey, Micky went through a lot of up and downs, faced a lot of difficulties and barriers on his way, but refused to give up to fatigue or soreness. He kept going until he reached the finish line raising 168,000$ for children in need of education, hospitalization, drug prevention and rehabilitation.

“Well it was the best bike ride ever!” Announced Micky in his blog. “Paris to Beirut by bike is completed! Yet our tough ride to raise funds is not! With the great help of donors, we where able to reach half our financial goal.” You can still donate HERE!!

Micky didn’t only challenge himself, but he also went through an amazing journey, meeting people from around the world and enjoying a unique experience that will mark him forever.


His last ride before coming back to Beirut was in turkey. He wrote in his blog: “Toughest conditions I ever witnessed in my life – I wanted to quit after my 3rd day in Turkey. But i stayed and finished what I came to do, a 1,000 KMS in Turkey.”

“Well it was the best bike ride ever – But with lots of pain, suffering, loneliness, doubts to name the few… I never shared with you pics where I was in pain, barely able to walk, pale, exhausted, cramping, depressed, lonely— Because that’s the way I am”.

Micky Chebli, a passionate cyclist, decided to undergo a mission that many found impossible! Will he do it again?

“Will I do it again…in a few years? Maybe. I’m happy and blessed that no accidents happened, I’m happy that I came through with my challenge, a challenge that few took seriously at the beginning. I wanted to prove to myself first that I could still do it at 50.”

The Cyclist of Life is a role model in our society and has a great message to deliver and a lot of people to inspire!

“I want to tell my kids, and all kids to dare and dream big, and go all the way… So that Marc and Yann have a story to tell their kids about their crazy grand father … the only problem that if one day Marc or Yann come up to me and tell me Dad I’m crossing Australia to South Africa on a dinghy–I cannot say NO!”

“This trip is about giving back to life by helping NGO’s who are making an unbelievable job on the ground – kids and teenagers I visited kept me going when I was on the verge of quitting.”

“This year there’s 1 cyclist of life – I hope there will be hundreds of cyclists of life in the future, doing similar adventures, fulfilling their dreams, inspiring people around them and helping others in need.”

Thank you Micky for this beautiful lesson of life, thank you for inspiring a generation and congrats for this unique achievement!

We would like to end this article with the famous quote by Nelson Mandella: “Sports has the Power to change the world!”