The Mental Game of Success, Riyadi Edge Homenetmen-LBL Finals

23 May.2017– Sports champions know how to win and accomplish their dreams. They have learned the secrets of winning and success in sport. Mind games have always been part of the game, a big chunk of it.

With Fadi out for the rest of the series, Homenetmen took a big blow to the chest. A blow they still didn’t recover from. You can feel players not believing in themselves nor in the guy next to them. The ball isn’t shared as it was at the beginning, not because Fadi averages 10 assists per game but because he gives his teammates the push, the energy, and confidence to play their proper game.

For the first time this season, Homenetmen are second guessing themselves, they genuinely don’t believe they can beat Riyadi without Fadi. Mental strength is something you build as you grow in the game. Having Wael sidelined for most of the season, Riyadi didn’t flinch. Yes, they were affected, his absence was greatly felt, but going into every game they still felt as favorites. Having experienced players on the roster and a leader such as Ismael Ahmad is critical to any title aspiring team. Keep in mind that Branco was also out for a couple of weeks. This team has a great core.

Add insult to injury, Riyadi involved Wael in game 4. Not because they need him at this time, but to further shake Homenetmen’s players’ confidence. It was a clear message, we smell fear and we’re coming your way.

Homenetmen are losing this finals series before even playing. Not going into the tactical adjustments, but the regular season champions may throw everything away if they don’t step up and seize their chance.