Medley Relay record for Champville and Jamhour wins 4 podiums in Athletics!

22 May 2016 – What an amazing way to end this Youth and Juniors Lebanese Athletics Championship! Club Sportif de Jamhour ended up with four first place podiums and Champville ended up with a Medley relay Youth record!

Let’s first talk about Mountaser HAMIEH from Phoenicia. The 5000m champion decided to attack the steeplechase and he looked really good at it! He just set a new record in 2000m steeplechase with 6:45.29! Lebanese-Athletics-Juniors-Youth-Krystel-Saneh44

Before mentioning the great performances and the results of the third and last day of this championship, we should point out the lack of participation in this particular event! It is not acceptable to have only 11 Juniors women competing! We never saw a 100m men’s youth direct final! We should find a solution for this issue.

[Lebanese Juniors and Youth Athletics Championship 2016 in Pictures]

We have a lot of young talented athletes but we don’t have a large number of them competing and it is mainly due to the Schools and universities system that we have in Lebanon but it is also the responsibility of the clubs! Where are the 17 clubs that are affiliated to the federation?

Despite everything, we noticed some great performances today. In the two previous articles that we wrote on the first and second day of this championship, we talked about Jad KHOURY in both. Today, we can say that he was the star of the championship. He ended up with three gold medals and three Youth Lebanese records! One in the 100m, a second one in the 200m and today with the help of his teammates, he added a third record in the Medley Relay.

Peter KHOURY, Mario NASSOUR, William ADHAMI and Jad KOURY ran an amazing 2:03.95. Peter clocked 51 seconds on 400m which is a really good performance.

On the other hand, CSJ won four podiums out of four! They came first in the Youth Girls and Boys categories and in the Juniors Men and women category! Inter-Lebanon shared the first place with CSJ in the Juniors Women category.

We should also note the performance of Ghiya MTAIREK (Phoenicia) with 1:01.94 on 400m. Ahmad HAZER (Champions) ran a strong 14.40 seconds on 110m Hurdles in the guest event.

In few words, it was a good championship with good results but with very few people. The Youth and Juniors categories are the most important in our sport. We want to form a new National team and this age range is the future of our sport. If they are a few now, they will be even fewer when they get older.