Mayadeen defeat Bank Of Beirut to win the 2016 Lebanese Futsal League title!

18 Apr. 2016- Maydeen are the 2016 Lebanese Futsal League champions after defeating Bank Of Beirut 5-2 in game 5 of the final series. Bank Of Beirut and Mayadeen had to continue 10:50 minutes left from the postponed game on Saturday.

Mayadeen could bounce back from way behind after being 0-2 in the series to score a 3 consecutive wins over Bank Of Beirut and win the title for the first time in the team’s history.

Well now, we have a new champion for the futsal league after a tremendous final series and also a new rivalry between Bank Of Beirut and Mayadeen.

We would like to thank both teams for entertain us with a great performance and a great final series. Congratulations Mayadeen and hard luck Bank Of Beirut.