What Makes of Homenetmen a Championship Team?

06 May. 2017 – Every year, a new team has the needed balance of chemistry, talent, and coaching staff to bring it  on top. This year, it is Homenetmen that gathers all these qualities.

Talking about chemistry, Homenetmen is the only team that didn’t change any import this season, and has 2 imports from last year: Dewayne Jackson who is known for his penetrations and 3 point shots, and Kevin Galloway who is known for his triple doubles. As for Ater Majok, he is a rim protector, averaging 2.62 block shots per game coupled with 11.7 rebounds

Galloway’s size gives him an edge over all the point guards of the league, especially that he is playing now against a team with no pure point guard. He is an incredible ball handler, who can dribble and penetrate to create shots for the guards, not to forget his defensive skills.


Talking about talent, Homenetmen have on their roster Elie Chamoun, Karam Mechref, Sevag Ketenjian and Hayk Gyokchian, who come off the bench ready to hustle, and give on the floor everything they have to secure a win.

Moreover, in the Orange team, talent meets experience, and who got more experience than Nadim Souaid and the 13 time champion Tiger Fadi El Khatib? Nadim Souaid, is one of the top guards of the league, and is able to run the point.

As for Fadi, words fall short when it comes to him, he is a shooting assassin from all the ranges, splits double teams like a master, and is a threat for any defensive player. Well, he is the top scorer of the league for a reason and always hungry for another trophy.

Finally, a coach has to be able to adjust to game situations and be willing to make the necessary adjustments every game. Coach Joe Moujaes is known for this. He is the best at motivating the players, who doesn’t remember the timeout against Byblos last year, who turned the game upside down? Not to forget the adjustments when it comes to imports. He turned the table on Hoops last year when signing Galloway, and saving Homenetmen a spot in the final 4 for the first time in their history.

He is making history with them this year too. He has won 26 games, and lost 1 only.

Will he be able to defend his winning streak now as the final 4 kicked off and grab the first LBL title of his career?