Magic Futsal – Bank of Beirut and the Stars Do not Disappoint

02 Mar. 2017 – In the futsal game everyone was waiting for, the expectations were really high, and both teams made sure to deliver their best performances.

Playing in front of a full house, Bank of Beirut felt the need to bring their A game at home. The opponent they were facing were not easily defeated at all as they have Ryan Giggs, Falcao, and Maldini in their ranks. However, BoB started the game by scoring the first goal then a second one. The stars were quick to react as they equalized in no time at all. Not only did the stars do that, but they also managed to finish the half 4-2 in their favor.

In the second half, the game kicked up a notch as it started raining goals. Maldini made it 5-2 for his team in the first minutes of the second half and who other than Giggs to make it 6?! In a matter of minutes, BoB managed close the gap, making it 7-6. With a few minutes left on the clock and only one goal difference, BoB were back in the game. The game was very close but the stars were able to end the match up in the favor with a score of 11-7.