Lycans RL Grab the Win at Beach Rugby League Tournament

29 Aug. 2016 – On the 27th of August, a beach rugby tournament took place at Canoa Beach, Zouk from 9 till 9. The event was organized by a women’s team: The Hummingbirds RLFC, and followed by a sunset party and several beach activities.

13 teams from around Lebanon participated in this tournament making it a success. Each team consisted of 10 players, 3 of which had to be women. Only 4 players were allowed on the court one of them also had to be a lady. In the final game, the Lycans RL had to face the Tripoli Beasts. The Lycans clinched the victory 2 to 1 after a hard fought battle.

It is worth mentioning that the Lycans RL are the newest club that will compete in the Lebanese Rugby League championship. The competition this year will be extremely tough and of high level as the Lebanese national rugby team have qualified to compete in next year’s world cup. We wish them the best of luck in their upcoming endeavors.