Loz – the motivation behind Red Bull can you make it?

A new team was born to take on Red Bull’s challenge “can you make it?“.

Can you imagine a minute changing your life. It all started when Red Bull launched “CAN YOU MAKE IT”, a competition dedicated to university students to compete all over the world by crossing Europe towards Berlin with no money, no visa cards, no debit cards, no phone, no nothing, but only cans of red bull and your friends in a one week journey.

But before any challenge some few questions must be answered with a one minute video (60 seconds) about why should you be accepted, to be selected through thousands of teams to compete and before March 12, 2014.

In the beginning, Lebanon a small country couldn’t compete until some folks in Red Bull from Lebanon urged a change, and our country was the first to participate in the middle east. As many university students we are a group that likes competing with others, so the challenge began.

Research started about what red bull wanted from participants to be accepted, but the problem to us was time. The team “LOZ”, Miguel Abou Loze, Michel Ghostine, and Elio Matar had no idea how a MINUTE can give them a chance to win upon several teams from Lebanon.

It was the night of March 11,in an architecture class, and still with nothing to present so we can have a chance of being accepted.

Suddenly, ideas started floating through our brain by bringing Berlin to us in a minute with cans of red bull as we would go across Europe to Berlin in a week.

The idea was amazing but still no idea about how to do it and how to present Berlin until a silhouette of our destination popped in front of us, and the work began.

We grouped our skills of knowing people to prepare any instruments we wanted and a place for us to shoot specially because it was 11:00 pm.

Around midnight, all was prepared and shooting began, it took us almost 3 hours to finish the video recording after several times of practicing. DONE, only the answers left, but wait the video needs fixing and editing to be able to present with only having 5% knowledge of how to do it. So we waited until morning to ask specialized friends for their support. Time was passing and the video needed around one hour or more to be finished. Briefly, only half an hour left until the due time with the upload part to be finished that needed around one hour of time, so we lowered the resolution to be able to participate.

Finally all was done, but know it’s time to see if our one minute video  can make us fly to Europe to take the journey of Red Bull “Can you make it”.

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