Louaize are a Clear threat to big teams after defeating Homenetmen.

27 Feb. 2016- It is a big day for Louaize. After being a hard team to beat against Riyadi, Louaize defeated Homenetmen 63-72 in a very exciting game.

Homenetmen took a lead of 7 points in the first quarter but Louaize players played an amazing 2nd quarter to get out leading the game at halftime. Homenetmen 28-34 Louaize.

The game was really close between both teams and none of the teams could dominate the game. Louaize could extend their lead to 10 points at the end of Q3 and win the game 63-72.

An interesting win for Louaize who is now competing against the league’s top teams and the team is surely now a big threat for every oppo nent  in the league.