Discussion between Omar Ayoubi and Wael Arakji in Azm School

09 Nov. 2016 – We are organizing an discussion between the basketball players Omar Ayoubi and Wael Arakji in Azm School on the 15th of November in Tripoli.

The two basketball players will talk about their careers as professional basketball players and how they were able to manage between school and training. They will discuss topics such personal development and the Lebanese basketball league with the students.

The main goal of this session in to inspire the young generation and learn how to build a professional and sports career at the same time. At the end of the lecture, a video of Silvio Chiha will also be displayed and a message to the students from a high caliber basketball player will also be played at the end.

Our mission is to start a sports revolution in Lebanon, to educate, inspire and aspire the young generation in Lebanon to practice sport. We strongly believe that Sports has the power to change the country, and we strongly believe in the youth of our nation.