Lebanon’s Results at World Junior Tennis Competition in Bangkok

24 Mar. 2017 – The Lebanese Juniors tennis national team is currently in Bangkok, participating in the juniors world cup.

Today, we had only 2 players in action in 2 matches against New Zealand, as the doubles game was not played. First, Giorgio Samaha lost against the number 2 seed with a score 2-0 (6-7 4-6). It is great seeing the fight Samaha gave as he lost in very close sets.

Secondly, it was Jalal Sadek facing the number 1 seeded player, and he also lost 2-0 (2-6 3-6). A good effort from Jalal too, they both gave everything they had and it is what matters most.

Tomorrow, Lebanon will face Indonesia for the 11th and 12th place. Best of luck!