Lebanon Water Festival’s Freediving Constant Weight Contest Scheduled for September 6

02 Sep. 2015 – The Lebanon Water Festival, an NGO to promote sports and leisure sports in Lebanon, will hold its freediving constant weight contest on September 6. The event is organized in collaboration with the scuba diving club Narcosis Diving Facilities located at the Four Stars Resort, which will provide boats and support divers to ensure the safety of the contestants. The Red Cross, Coast Guard and Civil Defense will also be present to ensure the security during the event.

The contest will gather divers form Lebanon and will be judged by main international judge Wessam El Sabeh Ayoun. He will be assisted by main surface judge Marwan Hariri, a free diving master instructor and Lebanese national record holder for constant weight (50 meters), free immersion (43 meters) and constant no fins (32 meters).

Lebanon has a long tradition of freediving for collecting sponges and spear fishing in communities of fishermen living along the coast. This contest aims at professionalizing the sport and ensuring it is practiced according to international safety guidelines.