Lebanon Water Festival Laser-Pico International Sailing Regatta ATCL CLUB Sunday 16th, 2015

14 Aug. 2015 – The fourth edition of the Lebanon Water Festival’s Laser-Pico International Sailing Regatta will be held at A.T.C.L. in Kaslik on August 16, 2015. A total of 16 young regional sailors will compete against Lebanese sailors in this edition of the Lebanon Water Festival (LEBWF); respectively 7 Egyptians from Alexandria Sailing Club and 16 Jordanians from Marina Club and Hamza Club. The event is attracting more foreign competitors every year.

The racers, all aged above 14 years of age, will depart from A.T.C.L. and will sail a triangular course in the Bay of Jounieh. 5 Lebanese sailors, Emile Hanna, Gabriel Abou Adal, Myriam Abou Adal, Karen Ayach and Yasmine Kamel, trained by Jean-Charles Bazin will take part in the race. “The children are looking forward to the race and competing against the Egyptians and Jordanians. There are not many sporting events for children in Lebanon, so the events organized by the Lebanon Water Festival are a real motivation for us. Although our team this year is younger than in the previous years, we have a chance of a podium especially thanks to Emile Hanna, a 17 years-old who trained in France during winter”, says Jean-Charles Bazin.

The race is organized in partnership with the A.T.C.L Club in Kaslik and aims to promote Lebanon as a sailing destination and promote the sport among Lebanese people, especially the youth.

“The real potential of these events is that they pave the way for the Lebanese Yachting Federation to organize, in the future, a Pan Arab Championship in Lebanon. The inter-club regional regattas of LEBWF will continue to grow the enthusiasm and practice for Lebanese. Future Pan-Arab championships should attract and include countries from the Gulf and the Maghreb”, explains Simon Khoury, Founder of the Lebanon Water Festival.