Lebanon Water Festival: Apnea Constant Weight Contest Results

07 Sep. 2015 – Lebanon Water Festival organized on Sunday, September 6, the Apnea Constant Weight Contest! A group of very friendly divers prepared their equipment and headed to the ocean with only one goal: Have fun performing!

The team of 12 Lebanese divers, was really excited and was lucky to face a very calm and clear water on that particular day, no waves in the horizon. They started by doing one warm up apnea each before the competition starts. Security divers were already under water, making everything more secure for the participants.

Mario LAHOUD and Ziad CHACCOUR took their place under water as the deep judges. They were also in charge of underwater photography and filming. We should also note the presence of The Red Cross, Coast Guards and Civil Defense.

Photos of the Lebanon Water Festival: Apnea Contest

The contest was organized in collaboration with Wessam EL SABEH AYOUN who was present as Main Judge of the event and is now on his way to Cyprus for the World Championships. He joined forces with Marwan HARIRI to make this event a very successful one! Marwan trained the participants in all the rules of the contest days before the event and was Surface Judge during the event and also contributed in the organization. Marwan is the Lebanese national record holder for constant weight (54 meters), free immersion (43 meters) and constant no fins (32 meters).

In this sport, the diver should keep his calm before the competition begins. The fact that this is a contest, will surely cause some divers to feel a stress before they start, which can make them breath faster! Breath is essential for this sport that is also very technical!

The competition started at 40 meters! Bilal RAMADAN, who stared Scuba Diving 5 years ago before falling in love with the Apnea, dived 42 meters in 2 minutes 6 seconds to win his category of 31 to 40 meters. After him comes Hussein RMEITI in second place. He dove 36m in 1:32. In third comes Ali LOZ who dove 35.02m in 1:32 minutes.

“This is my new record of 42 meters. I started training for competition one year ago. I set 40 meters in the test with Marwan HARIRI. If you train you can reach your goals. My next goal will be to go for the 60 meters which will be opened next year. I will not wait for next year to train for it, I am starting tomorrow!” Bilal RAMADAN said before receiving his trophy.

In the 21 to 30 meters, Hussein MADI dove 30.8m in 1:12 minutes to take first place, after him comes Mosaab HARIRI with 27.5m in 57 seconds and in third place Hael MOLKY with 25.6m in 58 seconds.

Finally, the great Marwan HARIRI dove an easy 20 meters and won first place in this category after being a Judge himself. He acted in a way to encourage the young divers and enjoy the conditions and great atmosphere of this event!

Main Judge: Wessam el Sabeh Ayoun

Surface Judge: Marwan Hariri
Assistant to Judge: John Ghazal
Warm up safety Judge: Rachid Zock
Warm up Judge: Mohammad Khalil

Deep WATER judges and safety
Toni Abou Jaoude from Narcosis Diving Facilities
Safety Diver Christel Abboud

Mario Lahoud

Last but not least, special thanks to the energetic woman behind this event: Annette KHOURY, and her father Simon KHOURY, President of the Arab Union for diving, & Member of international Union for water sport CMAS!