Lebanon on the top of Bulgaria’s University Beach Volleyball Games!

07 sep. 2015- Lebanon on top of Bulgaria’s University beach volleyball championship after grabbing the title to score another international achievement in university sports.

USJ participated 2 times in this championship finishing 4th in 2010 and quarter finalist in 2012. This year and after an initiative from Chafic Saliba and the blessing of USJ’s sports department, Lebanon was represented by 2 teams Chafic Saliba (USJ) and Joe Azzi (University of Balamand) [team 1] and Anthony Aoun (USJ) & Asaad Yazbeck (NDU) [team 2].

Chafic Saliba (USJ) and Joe Azzi (University of Balamand) defeated teams from Russia, Bulgaria and Slovakia before defeating a Bulgarian team in the final 2-1 and secure the title. Anthony Aoun (USJ) & Asaad Yazbeck (NDU) made it to the quarter finals.

A great achievement to Lebanon! Thank you for making us proud.