Lebanon VS Kyrgyzstan a dramatic game ended with a draw – 2016 AFC Futsal Championship

10 Feb. 2016- Lebanese futsal national team ended the first game of the 2016 AFC Futsal Championship against Kyrgyzstan in a draw.

Lebanon had a bad start of the game and received an early goal after a mistake from our defenders. Kyrgyzstan extended the lead to 2 goals in the first 10 minutes of the game. Our players tried to reduce Kyrgyzstan’s lead by heavily attacking the opponent goal before the half-time but they failed. Halftime score Lebanon 0-2 Kyrgyzstan.

At the start of the second half, Mohamad KOBEISY scored for Lebanon and reduced the gap to one goal. Ali TNEICH scored the second goal for Lebanon after an amazing freekick trick! Kyrgyzstan retook the lead after scoring their 3rd goal with 16 minutes left. The Lebanese 3rd goal was scored by Hassan ZEITOUN with 12 minutes left, Hassan KOBEISY snatched the lead from Kyrgyzstan and scored the 4th goal for Lebanon! A mistake by Ahmad KHEIREDDINE allowed Kyrgyzstan to score a 4th goal and grab a draw.

Our national team players showed a great fighting spirit despite all mistakes. Unfortunately, they secured only 1 point from the game! Stay tuned for Friday’s game against Saudi Arabia at 13:00 Beirut time. (You can check the schedule here)