Lebanon to Host U13 West Asia Tennis Tournament!

Lebanon will host the U13 West Asia Tennis Tournament for the 2nd consecutive year. The tournament will be organized by the Lebanese tennis federation under the supervision of the Asian and International Tennis Federation in ATCL courts on the 15 – 24th of October with the participation of players from Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

The Asian Tennis Federation will be awarding points to the winners as follows:

Boys Category:
1st place: 300 points
2nd place: 200 points
3rd place: 150 points
4th place: 120 points

Girls Category:
1st place: 200 points
2nd place: 120 points
3rd place: 80 points

On the other hand, Louis Baz was named as the tournament manager and Tanios Kanaan as the tournament’s referee! The Asian Tennis Federation also appointed Amir Bourjay to be the tournament supervisor!