Lebanon Boy’s Tennis Team 3rd At The 2017 JDC JFC Asia Oceania Pre-Qualifying

25 Feb. 2017- Roy Tabet, Jalal Sadek, and Sari Nahas made us proud today by grabbing the 3rd place at The 2017 JDC JFC Asia Oceania Pre-Qualifying tournament.

Our boys showed a great performance from the start of tournament, and they managed to secure the lead of the group with 3 straight wins against Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka. In the playoffs Lebanon defeated Jordan 2-1 and made it to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, our boys lost their first game of the tournament against the Philippines 0-3 but still managed to grab the 3rd place after defeating Vietnam 2-0 today.

On the other hand, our girls’ team secured the 7th place after a great win today against Iraq 2-0.